International Choir Competition
Zadar ~ Croatia
24 ~ 27 May 2018
About the Competition

Rules 2018

Competition is open to choirs consisting of amateur singers exclusively, on the basis of the Programme Committee's acceptance of the application form and attachments. The competition is based on one-stage performance.

The choirs compete in two categories:

  • Category A: mixed choirs (at least 16 singers)
  • Category B: men's or women's choirs (at least 12 singers)

Obligatory parts of choirs' programmes are:

  1. One composition of a composer born in the 16th century or earlier
  2. One composition of the contemporary choral expression
  3. One composition from the choir's national repertoire of music production
  4. One or more compositions to the choir's choice

It is recommended that choirs perform one composition by a Croatian author.

Duration of choir programmes is limited within the range of 15 minutes (minimum) to 20 minutes (maximum).

The organizer reserves the right to make sound and image recordings during the Competition.

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